Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Something up my sleeve...

I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of one of 
the projects I've been working on....DRESS FORMS!  

They are one of my most favorite things! I can't
wait to re-do my full size dress form, but for now I'm
working on two different tabletop models.

The smaller ones have wooden forms, bases & tops.
I wouldn't have minded the muslin fabric that they came with,
had it not been printed with the corset.  I'm torn as to how
I want them to look.  Should I go Shabby Chic, or my usual
dark & industrial? I only have two, so maybe I'll do one
of each. Until I decide, they're on the back burner.

The larger ones have fiberglass forms.  The bases &  tops are
wooden. They came with a variety of not-so-fabulous fabrics; the worst
of which was the Pepto Pink glittery fabric. My daughter loved it, but I'm not
a big fan. It did not break my heart to tear the stuff off, but what a mess!

Even down to the fiberglass, she looks better!

I wanted them all to look like antique, even though they're new.
I love the way they're turning out. They are all unique, not one is even remotely
similar. I have 1 done & 8 more in various stages of completion.   

I plan on putting them on Etsy some time 
in the near future, if I can manage to part with them, that is!

Stay Tuned for more...



  1. Those are fantastic! Good luck selling them on etsy.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I plan on listing them soon. When I do, I'll provide a link.