Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Preview...Craft Studio Letters

Thanks for checking out my new blog! 
I guess I'll start off with one of my favorite things... LETTERS.

I've been feeling a little bummed out about having to move my craft studio, which 
means having to DOWNSIZE my space.  It also means having to tape & mud 
some unfinished drywall and paint the whole room. And the carpet...I don't even 
want to go there. It's awful and I can't afford to replace it anytime soon.  Ugh.  


I've looked everywhere for some artwork that will make me love my 
new space and inspire me, but its just not happening.  

Since I couldn't find that perfect something, I decided to make it myself.
I found these 8" paper-mache letters at JoAnn Fabrics for $2 each and
ordered some neat vintage papers from for around
$1 each. Add $6 or so for some Mod Podge and I'm off to CREATE!  

I'll post pictures of the finished product soon!


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