Monday, March 19, 2012

Vintage 50s cabinet re-do

I picked these cabinets up at our local salvage yard
for a song and worked all weekend trying to get them cleaned
up and painted so I can actually start using my craft studio again. 
The last straw was broken when I found myself working on my mannequins
while sitting on the toilet (the seat was down and my pants were not)
due to the lack of work space in my studio.

Not bad, right?  Wrong.  Take a closer look.

After what seemed a lifetime of peeling shelf paper, scrubbing
and scraping, they're looking a little better, but I've had it.  At least for now. 
Painting can wait another day, I guess.  I don't even have energy for any more pics.

My hands are completely shot.  If I wasn't so embarrassed, I'd
show you a picture. Next on the agenda: getting my nails done!
 From now on I'm gettin' me some gloves. Yuck!


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